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Thread: computer lock up

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    computer lock up

    Ok, so I just finished building my first comp, and it keeps
    locking up every once in a while. *Here is what I have inside my box:

    AMD Athlon 850Mhz Slot A Thunderbird
    Asus K7V Motherboard *
    (1) 128MB PC133 SDRAM from KBYTE *
    (2) 128MB PC133 SDRAM from PNY
    Matrox G450 32MB (AGP) Video Card
    SoundBlaster PCI 512 soundcard
    72x Kenwood CD-ROM Drive
    (1) Ethernet 10/100 Network Card from Linksys
    *40GB Maxtor 7200RPM Hard Drive working on UltraDMA/66
    *Slackware 7.1 8)

    I thought that it might be some bad ram and went ahead and took one out and left the other in (For a small period of time), I did this to both sticks of ram. It worked for a little while but then locked up again (After I left the stick inside for a long time) with one of the sticks of RAM (KBYTE). *I will be trying the other one (PNY).

    I'm starting to think it might be my power supply. *My power supply is a Antec 300W (output 150 Watts Max). *But before I buy a new one (400W = $99.00), I want to be certain that it's this and not something else. *My motherboard manual says this, "It is strongly recommended that at least a 200-watt (235W for full configuration) ATX power supply be used for this motherboard. *Make sure that your ATX power supply can supply at least 20 amperes on the +5-vold lead and at least 10mA (750mA recommended) on the +5-volt standby lead (+5VSB)." *

    So finally my question. *Is there anyway of trying things to be certain, that it's either my power supply, RAM, or something else?. *Also I do have sufficient air flow.

    I hope I made enough sense, so that I could start enjoying my new box, instead of getting >.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    * * * * * * * * * slack :'(

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    Re: computer lock up

    I forgot to mention why I thought it might be some bad RAM.
    Well because everytime I put both sticks inside the box, the comp locks up constantly.

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    Re: computer lock up

    our friend LoveChild posted this which has moved my uptime from around 7 days at a crack to the 30 some days I have now.

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    Re: computer lock up

    I f you have a multimeter, you can test the power supply's voltages out. Do be careful though -- an ATX power supply not grounded properly -- IE not plugged into the mainboard's ATX socket -- can zap you. My best way to reccommend is to jam each probe lead into the atx connector. The probe, if small enough will make contact. You should be able to test quite easily the +/- 5v and +/- 12v.

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    Re: computer lock up

    buy your ram from crucial

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    Re: computer lock up

    Thanks everyone, will try all your suggestions.
    slack 8)

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    Re: computer lock up

    Check your CPU temperature and read my post here:

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