Ok, so I just finished building my first comp, and it keeps
locking up every once in a while. *Here is what I have inside my box:

AMD Athlon 850Mhz Slot A Thunderbird
Asus K7V Motherboard *
(1) 128MB PC133 SDRAM from KBYTE *
(2) 128MB PC133 SDRAM from PNY
Matrox G450 32MB (AGP) Video Card
SoundBlaster PCI 512 soundcard
72x Kenwood CD-ROM Drive
(1) Ethernet 10/100 Network Card from Linksys
*40GB Maxtor 7200RPM Hard Drive working on UltraDMA/66
*Slackware 7.1 8)

I thought that it might be some bad ram and went ahead and took one out and left the other in (For a small period of time), I did this to both sticks of ram. It worked for a little while but then locked up again (After I left the stick inside for a long time) with one of the sticks of RAM (KBYTE). *I will be trying the other one (PNY).

I'm starting to think it might be my power supply. *My power supply is a Antec 300W (output 150 Watts Max). *But before I buy a new one (400W = $99.00), I want to be certain that it's this and not something else. *My motherboard manual says this, "It is strongly recommended that at least a 200-watt (235W for full configuration) ATX power supply be used for this motherboard. *Make sure that your ATX power supply can supply at least 20 amperes on the +5-vold lead and at least 10mA (750mA recommended) on the +5-volt standby lead (+5VSB)." *

So finally my question. *Is there anyway of trying things to be certain, that it's either my power supply, RAM, or something else?. *Also I do have sufficient air flow.

I hope I made enough sense, so that I could start enjoying my new box, instead of getting >.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

* * * * * * * * * slack :'(