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Thread: Radeon DRI secret unveiled and howto

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    Radeon DRI secret unveiled and howto

    Just a quickie post about getting Radeon's working with DRI enabled in Linux.

    Step 1. Have Radeon.
    Step 2. Have newest version of Xfree86, not parts of it the ENTIRE deal.
    Step 3. Have the newest version of Mesa. For debian users it's xlibmesaX, X being the number. Sorry RPM, Slack, and LFS users I don't know what this would be for you guys but I can say that they MUST of the same version. XF86 4.1.0-8 will not play friendly with Mesa 3.0-4 (picking numbers out of my head btw)
    Step 4. Install the newest X and Mesa.
    Step 5. Enjoy Radeon DRI enabled and working goodness.

    When typing GLX info look for 2 lines to see if it's enabled. First line is near the top

    direct rendering: Yes

    second is:

    OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Radeon 20010402 AGP 1x x86/MMX/3DNow!

    Replace Radeon with YOUR video card (for non Radeon users).

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    Re: Radeon DRI secret unveiled and howto

    is this a PET? if not it should be!

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    Re: Radeon DRI secret unveiled and howto

    is this a PET? if not it should be!

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    Re: Radeon DRI secret unveiled and howto

    NOOO... no help for LFS... I'm drum something up shortly, I think I almost cracked the "sekret" code.

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    Re: Radeon DRI secret unveiled and howto

    Doesn't work on aRed Hat system with the following installed:

    XFree86-4.2 (or 4.1)

    Works under Slackware though ...

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    Re: Radeon DRI secret unveiled and howto

    The problem seems to be that we need glut, and glut tends to be broken in some instances... hrmmm...

    Maybe if we compile an older glut lib instead...

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    Re: Radeon DRI secret unveiled and howto

    I decided to check Lovechild's theory on glut, I do NOT have it installed. The two libs I do have installed are:


    This is for Debian btw..I'm hoping that with some assistance an RPM fellow and a tgz user can add to this before making it into a PET.

    Sadly I don't know what this translates to for tar.gz types. It appears there is no xlibmesa for RPM either much to my surprise.

    The redhat problem might be a version of X that's too new. I'm using mesa 3.x with Xfree86 might have to drop back a version. Not to insult your intelligense Ash, but could you type for me X -version at a prompt and post what it says? It'll give the version number there.

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    Re: Radeon DRI secret unveiled and howto

    Hrmmm. The LFS hints for DRI requires one to compile Mesa-4.0.1 in the /src-glut lib. but this libary in not included in the tar ball... The hint clearly states that glut is needed for DRI+GL to work. Soo one has to compile from the glut tarball right??
    But the compile instructions are borked... it fails...

    Lucky, RtCW has GL included, so it works just fine so far... UT is a WHOLE other mess to get into...

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    Re: Radeon DRI secret unveiled and howto

    Okie... now my XFree.log states that I have glx, GLcore and DRI running and the correct Radeon driver installed..

    Cool, but UT is still a mess.

    ACSI_Blue, write me if you want details for your PET, and LFS (Source install)

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    Re: Radeon DRI secret unveiled and howto

    Okay, I got to the point now where I have confirmation that DRI is loading correctly.

    The idea is that you compile in support for agpgart and radeon as MODULES. then you modprobe agpgart && modprobe radeon.

    Change your XF86Config-4
    driver to "radeon"
    Modules section
    load "dri"
    load "glx"
    load "GLcore"

    append this in the end of the file:

    Section "DRI"
    Mode 0666

    Now everybody on the system has access to DRI, not just root.

    Now compile Mesa, get this from the homepage on sourceforge.. extract both Lib and demos (we need demos since this tarball contains GLUT), they will extract to the same dir.

    Compile Mesa.

    Startx - check the log to see if DRI and GL loads properly.

    Now this works somewhat for me, I have DRI running and RtCW runs accelerated now, but UT still looks like a slideshow. I'm suspecting some device permissions concerning GL, since RtCW has GL built in and UT hasn't.

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