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Thread: install a printer on redhat 7.0

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    install a printer on redhat 7.0

    it seems that installina a printer will be very easy only I have been trying to install the tool printconf
    but it requires so many dependencies that I was lost.
    I got stack with a requirement for usr/sbin/alternatives?

    anybody know an easier way??

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    Re: install a printer on redhat 7.0

    you got stuck with /usr/sbin/alternatives?

    printool requires the ghost script stuff to be installed, plus a few others i can't think of at the moment, if you have up2date try using it, the new printer filters will most likely be very handy.

    try the manpage for up2date - it is one of the beter ones i have seen.

    i think up2date --solvedeps -i printtool will do it - i am sure KP will correct me if i am wrong.

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    Re: install a printer on redhat 7.0

    Actually I did use printtool it has 3 options to test the printer
    I am not so familliar with it but one is I guess filters other is post script and the last direct aschi to the printer only the direct one worked.

    Do I need some kind of driver (same as when you install a monitor or other hardware)

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