I need to upgrade my motherboard. *I'm looking at either the Epox 8K7A+ or the Epox 8KHA+. *Anyone have any experience with these boards (how do they work in Linux).

Here is what I have:
  • 800 Mhz T-bird
  • 2 133 MHz ram chips (for 384mb total)
  • AGP vid card (NVidia GeForce 2Mx)
  • USB or PS/2 mouse (Logitech Optical wheel)
  • IDE CD-RW and CD-ROM (Plextor and generic)
  • 2 IDE HDs (WD and Fujitsu)
  • SoundBlaster 256 (or something like that )
  • Intel Ethernet card

I need a board that will work with my current hardware because I don't have the funds to upgrade anything (even the motherboard, but I think that has become a necessity), but I would like expansion room for future upgrades (especially the RAM and CPU).