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    Hey I'm currently running RH 6.0 on a Toshiba laptop with a 3com 574-tx 16bit ethernet adapter. *I finally got the card recognized last night after a joint and some googling, I realized I needed to upgrade the pcmcia module because i couldn't find the source for the driver. *Now everything was running great, i had a valid ip, all the modules were running correctly, and internet access. *I reboot the machine and when eth0 goes to initialize I get an error stating. *ERROR: cardmgr[225] select(): Bad file descriptor*Any ideas????

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    Re: pcmcia

    Upgrade to something newer than RH6.0 and the problem will probably go away.

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    Re: pcmcia

    This is just a wild shot... have a close look at the startup. Watch to make sure pcmcia gets loaded first before eth0. If it doesnt, then either the update has removed the pcmcia module from your /etc/rc.d/rc.modules script, or moved it to after eth0. Either way, it wouldnt work, because the kernel doesnt know how to use eth0 yet, as its a non-standard (pcmcia) device. Fix accordingly.

    I remember on my RH6.2 laptop, it enabled eth0 at the same time as pcmcia (I didnt get a initializing eth0 line in startup, just the pcmcia bit) and it still worked.

    ...thats just off the top of my head, otherwise... I wouldnt know :-/

    ScRapZ_1 :P

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