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Thread: Cheap Hard Drive

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    Cheap Hard Drive ...

    it seems pretty cheap to me. Thought someone might want to get a find like that. I am thinking about getting one to add to the gigs on my box even though 20 is more than I need ATM.

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    Re: Cheap Hard Drive

    that is a good deal.

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    Re: Cheap Hard Drive

    Here's another place that's pretty damn close to that price, but all their hard drives are cheap.

    Hmmmm......120GB with ATA133. mmmmmmmm

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    Re: Cheap Hard Drive

    I am paying $240NZ for a Maxtor 540DX-4D 40GB ATA100 12m/s 2MB cache, that is the cheapest I have seen them in NZ, is that amazingly cheap or just normal.

    /edit Just looked at the same HD on that site and it is $74US, I suppose that this is a downside to living in NZ, we don't get cheap hardware.

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    Re: Cheap Hard Drive

    i wouldnt but a western digital at any price, only maxtor , quantum, and seagate, because of reliability.
    but check out these prices at anandtech:
    for sale by BarMan Maxtor 30 gb ata100 $$65
    for sale by creedawg Maxtor 40 gb ata 133 $70
    for sale by bzbee Seagate 40.8 gb ata 100 $62 (would be my choice)
    for furthur info go to anandtech and search on the usernames.

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