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Thread: slackware install problems

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    slackware install problems

    I booted with the ata100.i disk, as its the only one that detected my hard drives, and partition fine but after typing setup, i get "Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer deference at virtual address 00000024", "kernel panic", quite a few other memory addresses and some hexcode.

    1.4GHz athlon
    Gigabyte GA-7DXR motherboard
    2*512Mb DDR RAM
    2 Western Digital 60Gb ata100 hard disks
    1 IBM 30Gb ata100 hard disk, 20Gb fat32 partition w/W2k,
    8Gb Linux native partition, 2Gb linux swap
    1 Plextor CD-RW
    1 Creative CD-ROM
    1 ATI All in Wonder 128 pro AGP card
    ethernet card

    any advice would bequite helpful. thanks

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    Re: slackware install problems

    try disabling DMA in your BIOS. That has been a pretty common problem.
    BTW - Welcome to LJr

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    Re: slackware install problems

    i hate when people dont get back to the thread to say how it turned out if it worked or not. :-/

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    Re: slackware install problems

    well, i checked the bios and there definatly is not a DMA option.

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    Re: slackware install problems

    any chance you know if any other distro installs okay? also does this happen while installing or afterwards on booting up?

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    Re: slackware install problems

    I succesfully installed Mandrake 8.0, and the error occurs while installing.

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    Re: slackware install problems

    Okay so mandrake installs and slackware does not. Humm...
    well my only remaining guess is that it would be bad install disk.
    probably not want ya wanna hear... maybe someone else would ahve an idea.

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    Re: slackware install problems

    thanks it actually was a bad boot disk

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    Re: slackware install problems

    Just in case there is the ATA100i Install disk and then Color.gz disk has to be run too. Not inserting the floppy w/ Color.gz will also produce kernel panic.

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