I have a cable modem and a router/4-port switch. My ISP requires that I set up the network via DHCP; the router/switch acts as a DHCP server. I have a SuSE 9.2 machine and 2 Windows machines (XP and 2000) connected to the switch. From my Windows boxes I can ping all machines by hostname, but from my Linux box I can only ping the Windows boxes by IP address -- not by hostname.

SuSE is acting as a Samba server/WINS server. Samba knows all of the NETBIOS hostnames (wbinfo, nmblookup), but the ping (and arp) commands just report unknown host when pinging a Windows HOSTNAME. If Linux pings itself by hostname, it works but reports the address as

Since I'm using DHCP, I can't really use the hosts file to set static addresses. Can anyone tell me how to get Samba or DHCP to share its knowledge with arp? Thanks.