Motherboard SY6BA+IV, 440BX, HPT366 onboard UDMA33 & 66 controllers, PIII 600e, 2 floppies, cdrom, plextor cdr-rw 8/4/32, yamaha pci snd crd, FlashII 56k isa modem, Riva tnt2 AGP video card.

Currently running ver 1.20 of HPT366 onboard driver for udma66 - which is suposed to be some kind of scsi controller at least thats how it shows up in Device Manager in win98.

Upgraded Bios to the last ver1.25 by soyo.

Have two options for HPT366 Driver upgrade the last ver1.28 or ver1.25? Which one? Do I have scsi or not?

I have PII X4V11 PCI bridge. Does this need upgrade

This box was my first build and need to make sure I have all the latest drivers setup right for hardware in win98 before i begin trying to load linux scsi emulation drivers for cdr-rw. I installed slack8, play w/ window managers but haven't setup any hardware outside the modem. Any explanations, links, help appreciated. Thanks