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    Hey man,

    Where can you buy computer equipment in this area? I've looked around for a low-end mb (for a P-II)for a machine I am fixing for a co-worker and I can't seem to find it anywhere. And the only low-end mb-cpu combo I've found, the store seems to be taking forever to come up with. I'd order online, but the client is on my back everyday.
    You have any idea where could I buy a mb for that cpu, or a low-end mb-cpu combo (duron or celeron or something like that)around here, a place I could drive by and pick it up? I am not very familiar with the Orlando area, since I moved here recently.

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    It really depends. One place to check out would be (tampa airport area) as they sometimes have the hardware your looking for at low prices. Really Orlando is quite an odd city to find computer related stuff and it depends what sub area you live in. Up by UCF there are a few small mom and pop computer stores that usually carry hardware like that. Really, the best thing to do is to do some calling to lesser known stores in the area.

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    Re: Ashcrow

    I'll try that. Thanks.

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