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Thread: CD-ROM's, fstab, and detection probs.

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    CD-ROM's, fstab, and detection probs.

    Well, it all seemed to work fine until I upgraded to RH 7.3. Now in E-Roaster where it would detect the read/write drives, it keeps loading 'scd0'. I don't seem to have a problem mounting the CD-RW (scd0), but it doesn't like being used by E-Roaster. It keeps detecting 'scd0' as the 'read' drive and the 'write' drive. Also, in GKLaunch, it will not allow me to mount it via 'fstab'. I checked the fstab file, and all was well. (Also because I can mount through CLI by mount /dev/scd0) One thing that makes me wonder is that in 7.2, I had it set like this: CD-ROM=scd0 CD-RW=scd1, and it worked fine. Now it will mount, but refuses to write correctly. I followed pbharris' PET in hopes for a change, but no luck. I now have both my 'cdrom', 'cdrom1' rm'ed, and my lilo set with 'append="hdc=ide-scsi hdd=ide-scsi".

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    Re: CD-ROM's, fstab, and detection probs. dumb ass linked scd0 to both cdrom, and cdrom1.

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    Re: CD-ROM's, fstab, and detection probs.

    whew! I was looking at this trying to figure out possible causes...

    you have one foolish hiney!!

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    Re: CD-ROM's, fstab, and detection probs.

    you have one foolish hiney!!
    LOL. That and an overwhelming amount of sleep deprevation. ;D

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    Re: CD-ROM's, fstab, and detection probs.

    everytime i work on my system after not sleeping for awhile
    i lose all of my MP3s
    damn my luck

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    Re: CD-ROM's, fstab, and detection probs.

    OK. Now I have a more legit question on the same subject. :P Ok, I can mount easily, but for some reason I can't listen to audio CD's anymore on the CD-ROM. :-/ Usually I could pop in the CD, and XMMS would just start the CD by clicking on the CD-ROM's dir. Now it won't do anything. :P At first I had my 'fstab' on that drive set to 'auto', but I changed it back. Now when I try to mount it, it does it's usual, " mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/cdrom1,or too many mounted file systems" like it should. Just for some reason XMMS doesn't want to play it. :P

    Another thing, and I'm not sure if it makes a difference or not, is that I have 'scd0', 'cdrom', and 'cdrom1' listed in "fstab". I guess that should be normal for someone with 3 CD drives, but I only have 2. Just to let you know, I have the 'scd0' linked to 'cdrom', and 'scd1' linked to 'cdrom1'.

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