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Thread: Windows Modem Script convertion

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    Windows Modem Script convertion

    Well I just got my modem working in Linux. So now I need to be able to get an internet connection... I can get it from my college for a couple of more weeks and they have a script for Windows but nothing for Linux. Well I was able to dial the number but it wouldn't actually log in, so I was wondering if I would need to convert the Window script. This is the actual script.
    proc main
    waitfor "name:"
    transmit $USERID
    transmit "^M"
    waitfor "word:"
    transmit $PASSWORD
    transmit "^M"
    waitfor ">"
    transmit "ppp"
    transmit "^M"
    delay 1

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    Re: Windows Modem Script convertion

    Hmmm.. Isn't wvdial doing just that ?
    ~> wvdial lutient
    --> WvDial: Internet dialer version 1.42
    --> Initializing modem.
    --> Sending: AT&F&C1&D2Q0&K3W2
    --> Modem initialized.
    --> Sending: ATDT 16101
    --> Waiting for carrier.
    ATDT 16101
    CONNECT 48000 V42bis
    --> Carrier detected. Waiting for prompt.
    ~[7f]}#@!}!}$} }9}"}&} }*} } }#}%B#}%}%}&!_}^3}'}"}(}"sO~
    --> PPP negotiation detected.
    --> Starting pppd at Tue May 14 09:06:52 2002

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    Re: Windows Modem Script convertion

    In Slack, pppsetup will allow you to create a chat script like this... been too long since I've done it in other distros to tell you how to do it... although you could manually set it up following the directions on the LFS website ( )

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