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Thread: Ripping isos

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    Ripping isos

    I need to know if there's a program I can use in FreeBSD to rip iso images. I need to make a copy of the FreeBSD cd (as you can see in Flea Market). I know X-Cdroast copies cd's but it requires cdrecord and there's no SCSI emulation in FreeBSD as far as I know. If I copied the cd files to my hard drive and did mkisofs, I doubt the copy would be bootable. So is there a simple iso ripper?

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    Re: Ripping isos


    that might need scsi emulation though, but try it.

    you want option number 11, then just use the defaults cept for image name

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    Re: Ripping isos

    Is readcd opensource? I can find the rpm but not the source.

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    Re: Ripping isos

    i installed from source

    i think its part of the cdrecord tools, else maybe cdparanoia tools

    i thought of another thing too but will only work if theres no read errors:

    dd if=/dev/hd? of=foo.iso

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    Re: Ripping isos

    I got it! Readcd is in the cdrtools port along with cdrecord. It can be so hard to find a port for a program simply because it's mixed in with other programs. Thanks for the info. Though this is no longer an issue, dd didn't work (funny FreeBSD) so I tried this:

    cat /dev/acd0c > ~/freebsd.iso

    and it didn't give me any errors. When readcd downloads and installs, I'm going to rip an iso using it and see if they're identical. Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Ripping isos

    Well readcd only supports SCSI drives like cdrecord, so it's useless to me. However the iso I ripped with cat seems to be good. I burned it onto a cd-rw disc and everything seemed good. It was even bootable. So I'm going to burn it to a cd-r and consider it done.

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