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Thread: Praise for MC Edit

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    Praise for MC Edit

    I have actually been using this marvelous editor almost exclusively now for a couple of weeks. It is a heck of a lot easier to use than Vi, but it has all the features that I need, such as spell checking, syntax highlighting, and adequate editing tools like search and replace. All function are intuitive, and controlled by function keys, all of which are shown in the editor window, kind of like Pico. You can also run various macros if you need to.

    It works well enough with LaTeX source for the simple stuff I do. It works well as a backup editor for the WYSIWYG HTML editor that comes with Mozilla, and which I have fallen in love with. For simple web sites, this editor is beyond compare.

    For config files and shell scripts, MC Edit is fine as well. I have not tried it out with Perl yet, but I suspect that for my simple needs, it will be fine.

    The CoolEdit editor adds a GUI to MC Edit, but I don't need that.

    MC Edit fills a gap between Pico and Vim. If you need a robust, solid performing editor that is simple to use, yet surprisingly powerful, then give MC Edit a try. It comes with Midnight Commander, which is an excellent file manager. The two work exceeding well together.

    MC Edit is not a replacement for Vim for die-hard text editors/coders. But for those of us who do basic editing of config files, simple HTML and LaTeX and even a tad of coding, it is an excellent choice and highly recommended.

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    Re: Praise for MC Edit

    yep .. its my favourite editor .. 8)

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