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Thread: mysql prob

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    mysql prob

    I am trying to setup an admin user in mysql to log in as. I have tried several different things, but no joy on anything yet. the command I did to add user was:
    grant all on * to mark identified by 'password';

    This then tells me that it went ok and I log out as root to log back in as mark. I issue the command:
    ./mysql -h localhost -u mark -p

    it comes up with Enter password :
    I enter my password and it says access denied. Any one got any ideas?

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    Re: mysql prob


    grant all on *.* to mark identified by 'password';

    I spent ages with a simalar prob, this sorted it.


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    Re: mysql prob

    Nope thats not it either. tried it several times with a few minor diffs each time. Im pretty much at a loss as to what to do now. ??? it will let me log in as root, but not as anything else.

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    Re: mysql prob

    Mmmmn..... sounds like the same problem I had, the only other thing I did was create a completely new user and did the *.* thing. You could try a new user but I can't figure out for the life of me why that would make a difference. I know SQL has loads of ACL stuff, maybe the add step with one * does something on a different ACL that means you can't do the *.* thing. (can you tell I'm realy clutching at straws here?)

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    Re: mysql prob

    I hear ya. Im just playing around for the most part. I have mysql,php, and apache installed on a laptop at work that I am playing with (Im at work now). I will try it at home on my puter, and if it does it there, then ???

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    Re: mysql prob

    The one at home did the same thing. ??? ??? My brain hurts.

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    Re: mysql prob

    Could it be, that mysql want's the password encrypted, so you'll have to specify it with:
    grant all on *.* to mark identified by PASSWORD('password');

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    Re: mysql prob

    Ok, that worked. The only difference with what I was doing is I did not add the word Priviledges in the grant statement. Thanks for the help!!

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