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    Finally got samba working with webmin and swat..... well kinda. Heres the problem I can read but no write. I've setup the samba user daniel which is the login on the samba server and the username on the windows machine. The directory I'm trying to share is /var/www. What should I do? In windows it says something about root having access to all the files on this computer. Can I change my login for just the one machine? I need help and I've already checked the PETs

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    Re: samba

    ok I have it working but I thinkits all sloppy and screwed up. I had it as daniel but then I change the user to root but then it says all these people are logged in like this.

    <table width=100%><tr>
    <td width=15% valign=top align=left><a href='/?cat=servers'>Webmin Index</a>

    <a href="/samba/">Module Index</a>

    <td align=center width=70%><img src=/images/letters/67.gif alt="C" align=bottom><img src=/images/letters/117.gif alt="u" align=bottom><img src=/images/letters/114.gif alt="r" align=bottom><img src=/images/letters/114.gif alt="r" align=bottom><img src=/images/letters/101.gif alt="e" align=bottom><img src=/images/letters/110.gif alt="n" align=bottom><img src=/images/letters/116.gif alt="t" align=bottom><img src=/images/letters/32.gif alt=" " align=bottom><img src=/images/letters/85.gif alt="U" align=bottom><img src=/images/letters/115.gif alt="s" align=bottom><img src=/images/letters/101.gif alt="e" align=bottom><img src=/images/letters/114.gif alt="r" align=bottom><img src=/images/letters/115.gif alt="s" align=bottom></td>
    <td width=15% valign=top align=right></td></tr></table>
    <table border width=100%>
    <tr bgcolor=#9999ff> <td><b>Process ID</b></td>
    <td><b>Connected from</b></td>
    <td><b>Connected at</b></td>
    <td><b>Open files</b></td> </tr>
    <tr bgcolor=#cccccc>
    <td><a href="kill_user.cgi?share=&pid=2345" >2345</a></td>
    <td>root</td> <td>root</td>
    <td>daniel </td> <td>Thu Dec 6 00:23:34 2001</td>
    <tr bgcolor=#cccccc>
    <td><a href="kill_user.cgi?share=&pid=2345" >2345</a></td>
    <td>nobody</td> <td>nobody</td>
    <td>daniel </td> <td>Thu Dec 6 00:22:22 2001</td>
    <tr bgcolor=#cccccc>
    <td><a href="kill_user.cgi?share=&pid=2345" >2345</a></td>
    <td>daniel</td> <td>daniel</td>
    <td>daniel </td> <td>Thu Dec 6 00:23:01 2001</td>

    sure its working now but i'd like it to be only having the one user logging in. Would it make any difference in having any web related files as in html or perl scripts in the cgi-bin chown'd as apache instead of root?

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    Re: samba

    hmm sorry bout that its just the thing from webmin showing that root daniel and nobody are logged in currently. I thought html was supported

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