OK guys & gals, here's a dumb question I hope

The machine is Athlon based running RH 7.2 with an i686 update kernel.

I'm thinking gcc 2.96-98 is partially broken. I had problems with rpmbuild --rebuild building the nVidia kernel source 1.0-2313 for i686 prior to messing with the kernel and had to fall back to the 1.0-1451 version. The 2313 version compiled ok but would would not install. The dl nVidia kernel-1.0-2313.i686up would not install either by the way.

I later compiled a kernel set up for an Athlon, it worked pretty well but... I got warnings about indirect lcalls without a * (pointer) coming out of pci-pc.c neat the end on the make bzImage pass. It griped about unresolved externals in ext3.o on startup.

My question is if I rpm -ivh --ignorearch the kernel-2.4.9-13.athlon .rpm package after making backup copies of /lib/modules/2.4.9-13 and renamed the original and the appropriate /boot stuff is it going to put Athlon modiles in a new module directory for me?

I'm guessing it must because I got a new modules/2.4.9-13 when upgrading from 2.4.9-7.

TIA for any advice...