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Thread: DSL connection keeps dropping

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    DSL connection keeps dropping

    I have SBC/Yahoo DSL (hey, it's all I can get in the out here in the boonies).

    I have a Speedstream 5100b modem. I have tried a few different configurations and can't seem to fix the problem.

    What happens is it will connect just fine, but after a few minutes (actual time varies between 1 and 5 minutes, roughly), I lose my connection. Now, the modem is still connected, but the change that I've noticed is that the gateway in my routing table seems to suddenly disappear.

    I'm using a brand new install of Fedora 3

    Initially, I set up PPPoE and used it to connect. Then I was informed that my modem has PPPoE built in, so I enabled that and then just did a plain DHCP on the ethernet adapter.

    When I start up the adapter, it works fine for a few minutes, but then the gateway disappears and I can't do anything. Sometimes it will let me manually add the gateway (route add default gateway and sometimes it won't.

    If I use my netgear wireless router and have it connected to the modem and the linux machine getting DHCP from the router, it works just fine.

    I can't make any sense of this. Anyone have any ideas?

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    You should make sure that the line speed and duplex setting on the ethernet adapter are set correctly. The netgear is probably negotiating correctly with the modem.

    If not, you can find yourself getting a great deal of line errors that eventually cause your NIC to go offline.

    Try this link on how to change speed and duplex.

    Try this link on how to troubleshoot NIC errors in Linux.

    Hope this helps.

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