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Thread: Editing Ogg Vorbis file information?

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    Editing Ogg Vorbis file information?

    Can it be done? I have a bunch of .oggs that are made by "Various Artists" that I would like to edit to the proper artist, but I can't find any programs to do this.

    Xmms can't do it, Freeamp can't do it, ogginfo can't do it (display, not edit...)

    This is driving me nuts!

    Thanks guys

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    Re: Editing Ogg Vorbis file information?

    Oops, nevermind. The tool I'm looking for is vorbiscomment.

    Thanks anyway

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    Re: Editing Ogg Vorbis file information?

    Not only that, but I wrote a script that will update your ogg comments based on the filename of the ogg (assumes that filename is in "Artist - Trackname.ogg" format):

    # Written by Rob 'Feztaa' Park.
    # Email: feztaa at shaw dot ca
    # Version 0.1
    # Released under the GPL. For details, read this:
    vorbiscommentpath="/usr/bin/vorbiscomment" # Where is vorbiscomment?
    # What to do should something go wrong.
    function you_fail() {
       echo "This script will fix the comment tags on your ogg files by taking what is in the filename,"
       echo "and using it as the artist/title information for the file. It assumes that your filename"
       echo "is in the format \"Artist - Title.ogg\". Just make sure that the filename is correct, and"
       echo "this script will do the rest!"
       echo "Usage: $0 \*.ogg"
       echo "You need to specify one argument, and it must be a filename. You can specify wildcards"
       echo "in the filename, such as the above example, which matches all ogg files in the current"
       echo "directory. You must escape (add a \ in front of) the * in order for this to work."
       echo "For example, if you wanted to run this script on all Rammstein files in the current directory,"
       echo "you would do this:"
       echo "$0 Rammstein\*.ogg"
       echo "Or, if you wanted to run this on all the different remixes of Rammstein's Sonne in the current"
       echo "directory, you would do this:"
       echo "$0 \*Sonne\*.ogg"
       echo "Questions, Comments, or bug reports to Rob 'Feztaa' Park (feztaa at shaw dot ca)."
       exit 1
    # Do the actual update process.
    function update_vorbis() {
       artist=$(echo $i|cut -d '-' -f1) # The artist is the part before the -
       artist=$(echo $artist) # Cut off the trailing space from the artist name.
       title=$(echo $i|cut -d '-' -f2) # The title is the part after the -
       title=$(echo $title|cut -d '.' -f1) # Cut off the file extension (.ogg) from the title. Also gets rid of the leading space.
       echo -n "Working on: $i ... "
       $vorbiscommentpath -w "$i" -t "artist=$artist" -t "title=$title" && echo done! || echo failed!
    # The user has given us no argument! He or she does not understand how this program works.
    if [ ! "$1" ]; then
    if [ ! -f "$1" ]; then
       # User has failed first file check. Either he used wildcards, or gave a bad file.
       for i in $1; do
          if [ ! -f "$i" ]; then
             # User has failed both file checks. This means he specified a nonexistant file.
             echo "File not found. Type \"$0 --help\" for more help."
             exit 1
             # User has failed first check, but passed second. This means he used wildcards, and specified an existant file.
             # Continue working.
       # User has passed first check, but failed second. This means he did not use wildcards, but did specify an existant file.
    Hope you guys like it, it sure was useful for me. Now all I need is the exact same thing, but for MP3s

    (edit: just fixing typos)

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