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Thread: debian problems

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    debian problems

    I'm trying to install via network but when I start downloading it says the files are corrupt. This has happened before but retrying seems to have stopped it. The site is Anyone know what some other good fast mirros are with woody on them

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    Re: debian problems

    try the ftp install instead of http.

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    Re: debian problems

    I'm getting it again with the ftp site. Its talking longer but it still comes. Any ideas?

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    Re: debian problems

    Where are you? (where on earth, I mean). Try choosing a server that is geographically closer to you. The list of servers is here:

    Find a link close to you, and write it down. Then when you do the install, you can just type it in exactly as it is.

    And be sure to install apt-spy, and then run apt-spy after you've installed Debian! This will make sure that your sources.list file contains only the fastest servers for you to download from

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    Re: debian problems

    southern ontario canada is where I am but I don't understand why its saying these files are corrupt

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