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Thread: I need a good ISP PPP Dialer

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    I need a good ISP PPP Dialer

    I've been using KPPP to connect to my ISP, but it seems to be having if I leave it on while I'm downloading a large file, like overnight, it will disconnect, but KPPP will not redial the number like its supposed to & it also gets lost from my desktop & I have to kill it from the CLI.

    I also just tried WVDIAL, it doesn't detect my modem, & when I configure it manually, it doesn't take my password or something...

    anyway, what do you guys use? If anybody still uses a dial-up modem ;D

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    Re: I need a good ISP PPP Dialer

    I am a dial up guy. I just us the ifup/ifdown scripts right at the CLI. Don't really need a GUI to do that, plus, you can learn quite a bit about dial up if you poke around in those files.

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    Re: I need a good ISP PPP Dialer

    I suspect if kppp is disconnecting, or being disconnected there may be a firmware issue between your modem and your isp.

    The part about kppp getting lost from the desktop is a little spooky too, maybe a configuration issue??

    I used kppp with no problem for ages, and am now using a version of ppp-on / off and running ppp as a daemon on a firewall box.


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