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Thread: need some advice for web techs in the field via fedora/vsftp

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    need some advice for web techs in the field via fedora/vsftp

    hello i have a fedora core 2 server out there in the wild serving pages via apache. i have webmin installed. i have vsftpd installed and setup with limited access for 2 users.

    i want the web techs in the field to be able to login and get dumped to my dir where my web pages are live.. var/www/html

    i want them to be able to upload files and make dir..etc.

    currently they can login, get dumped to the right place, but cant upload anything or make dir.

    does anyone have any clue to what i should be doing..or are there any safe practices for this sort of thing?

    i have not messed with the permissions of the folders listed above. i have only tried adding users/groups to maybe see if i can make an ftp group with permissions to modify that dir.

    is it better to leave that alone maybe i could just build them term server out of windows pc, setup samba, and have them do a remote desktop session...that's what i've been doing on my own red hat 9 box for over a year works ok, but it's jumping through hoops.

    please help me there are no geeks in my area who speak linux at all.

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    You may be facing one of three problems with FTP.

    The first is that there may be a firewall in the data path that may be allowing the FTP control channel, but blocking data transfer. When this happens, you can do FTP commands, but the data transfers break. for the FTP setup and testing. You may want to test out SCP instead, it's much less problematic for networking as only oneTCP port is involved. There are free Windows clients available, like WinSCP. SCP is also covered in the link above. SCP is a better, more secure tool if anonymous logins are not required.

    The other problem may be your file permissions. The FTP/SCP users can have the same home directory, but they all need to have group write and execute permissions on the directory. (chmod 750).

    The last thing is that I believe some Linux FTP versions like vsftpd have a configuration option which prevents file uploads inspite of the directory permissions.

    Check these three options out and look in your /var/log/messages file for error logging clues.

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