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Thread: L2 Cache Latency

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    L2 Cache Latency

    I use a little winders program called WCPUID to change my L2 Cache Latency from 3 to 1. I was wondering if it saves the settings in the bios so the latency will be 1 in linux and be perminant until i flash the bios. I was wondering the same thing for a video card overclock

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    Re: L2 Cache Latency

    No it doesn't... it's a Windows program only... but you can program the bios to always have that setting, but it requires more hardware knowlegde than you have I would think.
    Same goes for all videocards with a flashable bios - fx. I set my Memory and core speed in my GeForce' bios, instead of using an outside program --- BUT test it with a program first DAMNED !!

    To tweak Linux get a program called PowerTweak ( ??) - but be warned, it's dangerous !

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