i'm trying to set up my laptop as server for a couple of reasons.
Let me give some specs. first.
Toshiba Satellite running SuSE 9.2 pro
connected wirelessly to linksys router for internet (Atheros card).
connected via cat5 to desktop (Toshiba ethernet card)

Homemade desktop running SuSE 9.1 pro
not connected to the internet, connected to notebook via cat5 (3Com
ethernet card).

first goal:
configure laptop to provide internet to desktop for downloads.

second goal:
configure NFS or SAMBA I guess, (which ever is best for this) to allow notebook to access /home and /MyMusic on desktop and to allow desktop to access /home and /windows on laptop.

please be as specific as you can stand to be, i'm am really new at this. i've only ever configured a router and computers to internet before. (things like "open file.config in kwrite and add 'some_configuration' to ...." would be helpfull). sorry i'm being so detailed but i've had some really lame answers from other forums recently.