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    I want to update my kde but that requires many different rpms. Is there a way if i were to download all the rpms install them all with one command?

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    Re: rpms

    Well, you could try and download all the required rpms and install them all with the rpm command. I think you can specify more than one file at a time with rpm, but I'm not sure.

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    Re: rpms

    If you only want to upgrade the ones you allready have installed, use the '-F' flag, just cd into the dir with all the required files, and rpm -Fhv *.rpm

    If it complaints with some other rpms needed, which you havnt installed, then rpm -Uhv those first.

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    Re: rpms

    rpm -Fhv *.rpm worked perfectly. I thought it would check the dependencies of each package and making more work for me. This way it checked all packages and all the dependencies together and told me what percentage complete the entire process was at after each package was finished. I don't know what it is about kde 2.2.2-1 but it seems slightly faster and more stable for me.

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