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Thread: Can't get Corel Linux to install

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    Can't get Corel Linux to install

    Just bought a Corel distribution at the local mega-mart, yesterday, and I can't even get it to get through the installation procedure. *I have booted from the provided CD and floppy, with the same results. *It will start the installation process, I will get a couple messages that it is preparing to install. Then it will say 'detecting hardware', and then I will just get garbage on the screen. *I will then have to reboot. *It is supposed to be a menu-driven installation, but I never get to the first menu.

    FWIW, system is AMD 1700 on Epox 8KHA+ mobo with 256MB memory, and AOpen GeForce2 MX400 vga card. *The HD has 2-20GB partitions, with the second completely empty. *I normally run Win2K, but have been wanting to change OS's for some time.


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    Re:  Can't get Corel Linux to install

    Welcome to the board!

    I'm not sure what the problem is, but I know that the Corel Linux is not the best distro by far. If you are just starting to learn Linux I would rather recommend Mandrake or RedHat. You would have more success with one of these. Both of them can be downloaded for free if you have high speed Internet and a CD burner. Let us know if you need help with downloading an burning the CDs.
    If you can't burn your own, somebody here will be happy to hook you up with one.

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    Re:  Can't get Corel Linux to install

    I do have a burner and cable modem. Think I will try to return this and get another distribution. It was on fire sale is the only reason I bought it.


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    Re: *Can't get Corel Linux to install

    forget about corel, download slackware at you wont be sorry.

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    Re:  Can't get Corel Linux to install

    I will check it out, Bob. Thanks

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    Re:  Can't get Corel Linux to install

    Don't listen to the slackware monkeys. Get a real distro like Debian.

    8) Debian 8)

    apt-get it today. ;D

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    Re:  Can't get Corel Linux to install

    Well, my Corel is a Debian derivitive. Do I really want to try it???

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    Re:  Can't get Corel Linux to install

    Okay...Over the last couple of years, I have downloaded and tried to install a couple of distro's which I had downloaded off the net, but have never had any luck getting them to install.

    A friend gave me a copy of RedHat 6.0 a while back, and it totally trashed a hard drive. I wasn't even able to fdisk it afterwards.

    I don't think I'm stupid but I am having a hard time getting started with linux. It doesn't matter to me which distro that I have, just as long as I can get it installed and running. Then I can start using it and learning.

    Yes, I am a product of the MS generation and having a hard time moving over to what I hope is a longterm solution to my computing needs.

    I went to the Debian site, and find it very confusing as to what I need to download. There are numerous files, and I need someone to point me to a stating point.

    Thanks guys,

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    Re:  Can't get Corel Linux to install

    I agree about the corel, it is a pretty rough distro from what I ahve heard. For a simpler to setup debain based distro I would go with libranet. Slakware is great but it is not really for the new person... unless ya want to know most of the intracies of the linux system.

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    Re:  Can't get Corel Linux to install

    I am an advocate of Debian. I don't think it is the best distro for a newbie to start with. I would suggest trying either Redhat or Mandrake to get your feet wet. After you gain some experience with linux you then may want to try another distro.

    For Redhat go :

    You will need disk 1 and disk 2, (enigma-i386-disc1.iso and enigma-i386-disc2.iso)

    For Mandrake go :

    You will need (Mandrake81-cd1-inst.i586.iso and Mandrake81-cd2-ext.i586.iso)

    Have fun!!


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