Well, I'm not entirely clear how you are set up, but this is what I've got running:

- postfix. It's configured as an open relay (so I can spoof my mails to be from my real address, instead of my fake local address), but it's completely firewalled off from the internet, so I'm the only one that can use it (so don't yell at me for running an open relay )
- fetchmail. It grabs the mail from my 3 pop3 accounts and hands them off to postfix, which gives them to me.
- procmail. It filters all my mailing lists into appropriate folders. Way better than having a bunch of crap mixed together in my inbox
- mutt. it's pretty damn cool, if I say so myself. I have it configured to automatically rotate my mail as I read it, instead of pine's silly method of saving all to one folder then rotating it at the end of each mongth. blegh

I used to like pine, but then I tried mutt. If you ask me, the configurability of mutt is what I've come to expect from unix-like systems. Pine's interface and configurability reminds me of windows... so limited! I can do anything with mutt. Create any mail header, change any configuration based on who I'm sending it to, what folder I'm sending from, etc. Mutt rocks!!

: Pine :.... 8) Mutt 8)

Oh.... and vi is the only program to edit mail with, period!