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Thread: Does Linux need Microsoft?

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    Does Linux need Microsoft?

    I thought I'd ask the members to the forum this question. Does Linux need Microsoft?

    I read Linux news from time to time and see the steady adoption of Linux in the world, from simple Firefox to entire governments moving away from Microsoft. It is clearly easy for people to reject all things Microsoft and use Linux. Many people do.

    But should we? I sometimes wonder whether it is a good thing to completely replace a monopoly operating system with another, even if the replacement is open source.

    Could Linux become complacent like Microsoft? Could it become bloated like Windows as Windows starts to fade? Could periodically rebooting Linux or reinstalling Linux eventually become common place?

    I don't think Microsoft will go away. It won't die, it's a smart company, though sometimes not very ethical. When starting from scratch, Linux is clearly cheaper than Windows. When converting from Windows to Linux, versus upgrading a Windows version, it becomes almost a tie when training and learning curve inefficiencies are considered.

    I think the Linux challenge will be not to become over confident, not to add too many rarely used features, and most importantly not to feel that people will use Linux just because it's not Microsoft.

    I think Linux needs Microsoft for these reasons. What do you think?

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    Dear starfish,

    No, but Micro$oft need Linux.


    Best Regards.
    Frrkh hmd

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    I still feel Linux needs Microsoft.

    If Microsoft fails to be a strong competitor to Linux, then the big boys Like IBM, Novell etc, won't feel such a strong need to co-operate to create a better Linux.

    They will start to create their own versions, just like with UNIX, and say "bye" to Torvalds and the Open Source Development Lab (OSDL). Only the customer / consumer base will be able to save Linux by insisting on the common standard.

    There was an attempt to create a unified UNIX some time ago and it failed when they couldn't agree on the right path to follow. The problem is that they all have their own agendas and they may not like the idea of their shareholder's profits being determined my an external standards group.

    If Microsoft continues to be strong, then it will help to focus their minds a lot more on a common enemy, make a better product, and reduce the risk of fragmentation we have seen in the past.

    Linux's survival depends on a strong, not tyrannical, Microsoft.

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    i think that Microsoft Windows will often allow users to discover Linux, however, with linux, it is cheaper, and open source, but... it is also slower, and more conventional users prefer speed to open source. therefore the Microsoft Windows is eternal, because of the majority of users that has never heard of linux.

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