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Thread: MP3 Encoders

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    MP3 Encoders

    What do you guys recommend for mp3 encoders? Did some searching at tucows, got a few hits back, but nothing really jumped out at me. What do you guys use?

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    Re: MP3 Encoders

    grip with the LAME encoder
    works like a charm

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    Re: MP3 Encoders

    oggenc.... You really need to try Grip + oggenc - Ogg Vorbis is so much nicer than MP3.

    If you can't live without "the man'" music format, then by all means be a lamer !

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    Re: MP3 Encoders

    I agree, lame is the best mp3 encoder, but mp3s as a whole are lame

    Ogg Vorbis rules! oggenc forever!

    (btw, just got the vorbis tools successfully installed on my LFS box, now I can listen to my tunes... ;D)

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    Re: MP3 Encoders

    if you already have mp3s and want to convert them try:
    a nice program that can convert mp3s into ogg format that lets you keep the id3 tags ..


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