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Thread: Lovechild

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    Hey, I just noticed your site

    Pretty cool, now, just add Return to Castle Wolfenstein and I'm in!

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    Re: Lovechild

    I'm amazed you could get to it, Lovechild was saying that they took zeltrens servers away, so clanluc is looking for a new home. :'(

    Can't see why we couldn't have a RtCW division, but that's up to our fearless leader: [LUC]*Lovechild

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    Re: Lovechild

    I play a lot of RtCW so consider it included..

    And I forgot to tell you guys, we are the first official Linux only clan featuring "SAS - Into the Lions den" I kinda got myself wrapped into the development of this mod, and I got stuck there posting ideas as I get them.

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