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    Software usage

    I just downloaded this gnewtellium file sharing program and followed there install directions. installed ok but it didn't tell me how to run it. No file called run or start or anything that would sounds like it is what i am looking for. Im a used to windows programs creating startup icons in my start menu. How can I find out how to run this program? Also where would i go to unistall it, does all the files stay in the directory i installed from? I understand this is not a problem that can probably be explained with simple reply so I have Yahoo Messenger running at the moment if you want to message me there or i will also watch the message board. Thanks


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    Re: Software usage

    Executables usually get installed into /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin. Run

    whereis programname

    to see if it is somewhere. You may have to logout/relogin or reread your shell startup files to reread your path, if you don't know what this means then just logout and relogin to make it easier. What program was it? What type of file was it? rpm, tar.gz, deb? What distro are you using? How to uninstall it depends on this stuff. The files don't usually get installed into the same directory but into ones where they belong; i.e. exectuables into /usr/bin, libraries into /usr/libs, etc. It just depends on what type of file it was. Also, did you install the program as root?

    A few answers then we can help some more

    Edit: Duh, just reread your post and see that the file is gnewtellium. So do a

    whereis gnewtellium

    to see if it is in your path. If it can't find it, run a

    find /usr -name gnewtellium

    to see if it is anywhere (this may take a while). I also see that it is a tar.gz file, being such a file, it may have an uninstall script of it's own, it should say so in the instructions that come with it. If not, you would have to delete every file it created on your own

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