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Thread: vmware wkstation 3/redhat 7.2/windows 2000

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    vmware wkstation 3/redhat 7.2/windows 2000

    i'm trying to install win2k as a guest os on a rh7.2 box using vmware.
    the problem i keep having is - i keep getting these missing files - dll's and inf's -
    during installation. i've tried it with bridged networking and no networking.
    i keep getting these messages - some of the files are defltwk.inf, adslp.dll etc.
    i choose to skip installing the files, or else the install doesn't continue.
    what happens when i boot up win2k for the first time is - either i get a blue screen
    of death fatal error and a memory dump, or i can log into windows, but am unable
    to see desktop icons or a taskbar, just a blank green screen - and i am unable
    to install vmware tools at that point. i've searched for documentation about this
    problem on the vmware website and was unsuccessful. anyone have this
    trouble before?

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    Re: vmware wkstation 3/redhat 7.2/windows 2000

    When I was subscribed to the VMWare newsgroup there was alot of talk about 2k issues. Try there. I believe

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    Re: vmware wkstation 3/redhat 7.2/windows 2000

    Assuming you're installing from CD:
    Basicaly what's happening is the CD-ROM is loosing sync with the rest of the system. Instead of skipping the file, select retry. If you can't get the file copied after several retries, you may need check the CD to see if it needs cleaning/replacing. You may have to do this several times during install. As far as I know, there is no fix for this yet from VMware. A simple fix I imagine would work is to create an ISO of the CD and use the ISO image instead of a physical CD.

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