So I was messing around in my new Debian SID install last night compiling a new kernel and installing ALSA. That all went well. As a matter of fact everything went well until I was trying to get xine to work as user. I made myself a part of the cdrom group, made the proper links for my dvd to operate. I further installed all the necessary libraries to make the dvd aspect of xine work but it just wouldn't do anything for user. Eventually I couldn't even launch it as user. It worked just fine as root but not as user.
Further, sound did not work as user and everything that I tried (adduser, etc) didn't work. I just couldn't seem to get sound unmuted/working. Even the mixer I installed would not launch as user.

What happened? It has completely baffled me. I have a fresh install to play with tonight so if anyone can suggest something as to avoid the fiasco of last night it would be most welcome.