First of all I have to admit that I am rather newbie with Linux. So there might (read there is) some misunderstandings in my assumptions...

At my home I have currently W2k Server runnign as domain server with windows own DNS. In addtion to this I have 6 computers in this network:
-mysql server, Linux FC3
-webserver&mailserver, Linux FC3
-childrens gaming computer, W2k
-websurfing computer, Win98
-my machine, WinXP&Linux FC3 dual boot
-My work laptop, w2k (with very limited possibilities for me to change configuration)

All of these machines are behind D-Link 614+ router which will NAT adresses to LAN. There is static IP to outside. All services (mail, web, mysql, Samba, etc) are working just fine internally and externally. Most of the machines are rather old and slow also, but just fine for their purposes.

My Family mainly uses these Windows machines, to play and surf. My Family members use all (windows) computers, which just happens to be available. All Linux boxes are for servers. I am using Samba to connect Linux computers files to windows world. I am also able to map my home network drives to my work laptop.

Now what I would like to do is to replace W2k domain server with some Linux setup - If it is possible? But ofcourse because I am the only one in our family to understand PC:s (more than just using power button) I would like to keep environment as easy as possible for others.

Currently the only downside in this setup is that W2K Domain and linux systems use different user db's, and they are not linked.

So my question remains does anyone know hot to replace W2K server with Linux? And ofcourse it needs to have similar services for edn users as MS Active Directory as much as possible:
-one storage for users documents (with automatic sync to local machine on login/logout)
-Single login