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Thread: sendmail not sending :(

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    sendmail not sending :(

    I have a linuxfreemail account and I use the pop3 access in kmail. I use the sendmail binary to send my email. This has not been working. Messages have gotten through before but now they've stopped. I need to know what I should check to see whats wrong or if I should switch to something else simple to send my email.

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    Re: sendmail not sending :(

    Use your ISP's SMTP server or your POP mail's SMTP server.. It's easier that way ....

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    Re: sendmail not sending :(

    linuxfreemail doesn't have smtp access and its a rather long story of why I can't use my isps email. Infact I'll tell it now.

    I have a rogers@home cable. Then I purchused a router. Now normally when you have cable and its hooked directly to your pc you use the hostname smtp for smtp server and pop for the pop3 server. So when you get a router something happens and you need to get the full hostnames for the mail access. Well I did that at first and then when excite went under my isps network changed as did my mail address and all of that. So to get the new full hostnames I would have to hook the terayon cable modem directly to a pc again. But it won't work something weird happens where the cable modem locks in the mac address of the router or something and refuses to communicate directly to my ethernet card. Therefore I am unable to get the full hostnames and use my isp mail. I've tried completly unpluggin the modem for several days to see if it would reset or whatevers required but it will not work. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this problem because now that I think of it I'd rather have the isp mail working then linuxfreemail which has rather slow pop3 access.

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    Re: sendmail not sending :(

    Ok this is from the router manual that was a pdf. This may better explain my problem. Now since I had the full hostnames originally and then all the mail info and such changed I had to get them again but for some reason the terayon modem will not communicate directly to my pc after being connected to the router. I was talking about this to someone a long time ago and there idea was the mac address was locked in the modem.

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    Re: sendmail not sending :(

    My home gateway (Netgear RT311) has an option to spoof a particular IP's MAC address or a specific mac adress (or none at all). Try telnetting in to get into a setup mode. My netgear I though was total shit due to the wimpy web gui. But once I telnetted in I became in love with it.

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    Re: sendmail not sending :(

    ok just got a reply from linksys support and apperantly the problem is with the terayon cable modem and not the linksys router. If anyone has any info about the terayon cable modem that @home cable isp gives you then please contact me.

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