I've never used Linux before and I'm sure this is an easy question.

I'm installing a LAN card and the instructions say:

1. Compiling r8169.c using 'Makefile'.


Please remember to ASSIGN "NEW_INCLUDE_PATH" in the Makefile according to the linux kernel.

2. Move r8169.o to the directory "/lib/modules/<kernerl>/kernel/net".


OK, I understand how to copy the file over, but I can't figure out what the first step means. Mainly, how do I "ASSIGN 'NEW_INCLUDE_PATH' in the Makefile according to the linux kernel?"

There are three files in the directory on the installation CD that matches my Kernel...Makefile r8169.c and readme

I opened up Makefile and saw where it says "NEW_INCLUDE_PATH." But, how do the ASSIGN thing? Then, how to I compile r8169.c?

I'm using RedHat 9.0.

I sure hope someone can either answer this or tell me where to find the answer. Sorry for being a newbie!