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Thread: bluefish probs

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    bluefish probs

    Hey guys.had something strange happen yesterday. I installed bluefish on my workstation yesterday. It runs fine as an unpriveledged user (my normal login), but wont run at all as root. I can edit my webpage, but cant save it as the user, so Im kinda screwed. I tried to uninstall it (rpm), and it says that the package isnt even installed. If anyone has any info on what the heck is going on, Im all ears.

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    Re: bluefish probs

    try forcing another install of the rpm and then remove it then. Maybe the RPM database doesnt see the RPm as ever being installed, or it didnt install correctly.

    rpm -Uvh --force bluefish.rpm

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    Re: bluefish probs

    For security reasons, Bluefish will not run as root.

    There is a way around this,

    As root, execute the following command:

    bluefish -s

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    Re: bluefish probs

    Good answers on both counts. I was talking with Kernel Killer last night on irc, and he brought up a good point. It was a rights issue with the exported nfs folder that I was using for my web directory. This morning I changed some stuff in the perms and it works like a big dog now as my reg user. Thanks for the help!

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