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Thread: Joining sesti@home????

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    Joining sesti@home????

    Salutations: Just how do I go about joining the seti@home dist comp program? Does the comp need to be online to do the work, or just up and running? :-/ LearninLinux

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    Re: Joining sesti@home????

    download the client if you ahve not already and open it (i think it is a tarball), it does need to download work units from the internet, but these don't happen real often unless you have pretty sweet computer (~8hrs for a 1 GHz althon class)

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    Re: Joining sesti@home????

    Hello pbharris: I have loaded the program, my surfin machine is a win98se, as my name indicates I am in the process of learning the linux system. I have a lan'd comp with the apache up and running, just installed pmfirewall and working on the security of the machine before going on line 24/7.
    The seti@home seems to be working fine. I will go ahead and join the linuxjr dist comp group. Always LearninLinux...

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