OK, as many of you know, I work as an intern in a high school. They are wanting something cheaper than Windows (damn licenses). So I thought about Linux (duh!). Keeping in mind that the boxes are P133's with 16 or 32 megs of RAM and hard disks do not exceed 1 gigabyte, here's what I considered:

- Sleek Distro (Peanut, Slack, Deb)
- 2.2 Kernel
- Netscape 4.77 (pretty stable and fast enough)
- typespeed and/or typist for typing software

Now, I need a sleek and pretty complete office suite. OpenOffice, StarOffice, AbiWord and KOffice are out of the question. Anyone knows something that's cute and hopefully free? Right now, I can only think of Applixware, but it's not free (but if that's the only option, it won't be a problem to get them to buy it).