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Thread: Parsing PDF files with vim?

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    Parsing PDF files with vim?

    Alright here's the deal. A friend of mine has a job with a microchip corporation. They use MS Word to write their manuals and have hidden text contained within each one. She's supposed to make a PDF out of these MS Word files, and then make absolutely certain that none of the hidden text appears in the PDF (this includes editing the actual PDF with an editor, running a perl script on it, etc...). What she's done is created a dummy PDF file with a hidden sentence in the original Word document so she can ensure that the hidden sentence didn't show up. She's done all she can to make sure the hidden sentence didn't appear, but she'd like to make certain so she's asked me and a few other friends to see if we can find the hidden sentence within the PDF.
    My question: Does anyone know of a tool for linux that can do just that or be used to do that (ie. parse a PDF file to find any traces of the hidden sentence)? I believe vim might be useful for this but I'm not sure. Alternatively, would perl be capable of this? Could somebody maybe point me in the right direction as to writing this perl script if it would? Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    Re: Parsing PDF files with vim?

    How about something like:

    strings myfile.pdf |grep "This is a hidden sentence"

    strings extracts ascii text strings, grep parses them for a particular pattern. Is that where you're coming from?

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