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Thread: profile and bashrc files

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    profile and bashrc files

    I have a Unix book that says the shell checks for a startup file named .profile in your home directory each time you log in. *You can create one to customize your Unix environment. *However, I tried this on my RH box and it didn't work. *I see a hidden file in my home directory named .bashrc. *Now is this equivalent to the .profile startup file where I can customize my user shell?

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    Re: profile and bashrc files

    yeah. .profile and .bashrc are just lists of bash commands to run every time you start the shell. You can define aliases, or functions (functions are like aliases, but more robust), and environment variables. You can do other stuff too (anything you can do on the commandline), but that's the bulk of what you'd want to do, generally.

    If you want to use .profile, add "source ~/.profile" to the beginning of your .bashrc, then start making your .profile

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    Re: profile and bashrc files

    AFAIR, .profile (or .bash_profile) is used for console logins, and .bashrc is used for xterm sessions (and other X shells). Most distros source .bashrc in .profile so that all the .bashrc settings are available in the console.

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