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    installed my first kernel sort-of! Okay, what I, need to do is get connected to the internet. I've gone into control center and tried it that way is there another way to configure the hardware?Up-graded kernel 2.4.18 from 2.4.8 and running mandrake 8.1 with dual boot xp. Error message is /nsmoding module 8139 too failed at /usr/lib/libDrakx/ line 532.
    Everything else seems to be working!
    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: kernel

    did you compile yourself or did you get some sore of update? the realtek 8139 module is a part of the main kernel package.

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    Re: kernel

    Hi, downloaded fernel 2.4.18 from and compiled it myself. For some reason it is not detecting my ethnet card which is Realtek semiconductor RTL-8139.Xp detect it and I just installed mandrake 8.2 and it 's detected it which is running on the 2.4.18 kernel!

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    Re: kernel

    Is the Realtek 8139 driver compiled into to kernel or compiled as a module? If it's a module, you have to make sure that it loads on boot.
    But befor that make sure that tha is the problem. As root try "modprobe 8139cp "or "modprobe 8139too" depending on you card, then "/sbin/ifdown eth0" and "/sbin/ifup eth0" and see if you can get on the network.

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    Re: kernel

    what if it isn't loading on boot as to say it was compiled into the kernel?

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    Re: kernel

    looks like I,m connecting to the network, but o/s says i'm not! Weird!!!!

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