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    CD grabber

    Well, I have a new CD in front of me (The best of James Bond Soundtrack) and want to grab it into my mp3 folder.
    At Windows no problem, but what do you use at linux for cd grabbing?

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    Re: CD grabber

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    Re: CD grabber

    Yup Grip is the best toool to do that.. I have ripped many cd's with grip

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    Re: CD grabber

    Thnx, that's exactly what I've searched for. A simple and small tool not overloaded with features. Great.

    Right now I'm ripping my CD Unfortunately it only graps with a speed of 1,5 from the CD

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    Re: CD grabber

    i use ripperX - that also works quite well.

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    Re: CD grabber

    another vote for Grip. It will rip and encode at the same time... well rip one track, and start to rip another, while it encodes the first one. Quite fast on my system.

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    Re: CD grabber

    If you are sure your cd is clean and unmarked, then go into configuration for ripping and disable error-correction, etc. This will speed Grip up a lot. ( Look in the help section under "Ripping Cds" if you can't find it.


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