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Thread: Lilo boot screen

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    Lilo boot screen

    I've recently installed Redhat 7.3 and I used lilo as the boot loader. Lilo starts in Graphical mode every time, how can I set it to start in text mode every time???


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    Re: Lilo boot screen

    in /etc/lilo.conf comment out the line message=message or something like that...

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    Re: Lilo boot screen

    You can also change that line to point to your own custom message file. Just be sure you place it in the /boot directory.

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    Re: Lilo boot screen

    Not sure if everyone got your question right, but I believe you want to change the runlevel on boot. *To do this go to Programs>System>Service Configuration>Edit Runlevel

    Set this to three and on next boot you will be on the prompt. *Hope that helped

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