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Thread: "must have programs"

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    "must have programs"

    Hi, new here and just got over here from lurking at the LNO forums, and I just wanted to ask: What good and widely used programs are there? By that i mean programs like

    BitchX (if censored: biatchX)


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    Re: "must have programs"


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    Re: "must have programs"

    There are thousands of programs for Linux. Depends on what you want to do. I use LaTeX and tool (gv, xdvi, etc) for writing. I use Gnuplot for math plots. I use Mozilla to browse the web and do e-mail.

    There is Gimp (a free Photoshop-like program) for graphics. There are gobs of text editors. There are several office suites.

    What kinds of things do you want to do?

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    Re: "must have programs"

    I agree with cga. To put it another way, "Use the right tool for the right job." (Hmm, I should come up with something more poetic.) For me, this includes operating systems.

    Although, having the kernel is pretty essential to running any Linux based operating systems. For this, I highly recommend The Source(TM).

    Also, playing Frozen Bubble is something I consider a must.

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    Re: "must have programs"

    Thanks for the answers, maybe I should have said most common used programs, however morgath said some good programs I wasen't looking for the usual programs like gimp but just mostly the programs that is nice to have around such as gkrellm

    Thanks for the answers ^_^

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    Re: "must have programs"

    xmms, gkrellm (with all sorts of plugins), kuickshow, kvirc and if you have a digicam --> gphoto2
    I would like to add frozen bubble too, but I couldn't get it running so far :'( ... maybe this weekend when I get home

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    Re: "must have programs"

    Glad you asked this question because I was going to post something similar since I havent used Linux in months. One of the most fun things I done when I was first getting a feel for Linux was mess with all the window managers. Still to this day Im undecided on which one I prefer. It's great to be back in Linux and have choices.

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    Re: "must have programs"

    Must have' for me:

    KDevelop - The best IDE for me
    Noatun w/ hacks - The best integrated audio and video player for KDE
    Konqueror - The best Webbrowser around, also the best integrated
    Kopete - Just gotta have a multi client IM, and Kopete is the best.
    KSim - When GTK just doesn't cut it!
    ncftp - Lovey likes his ncftp
    emerge - emerge --pretend happiness

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    Re: "must have programs"

    quakeworld, quake2, quake3, unreal tournament, RTCW, and XQF to find servers with. Oh, and a text editor or two (joe and Kate), a IRC client (xchat for me), a mp3 player (xmms), a mail client (kmail), and a browser (opera and/or mozilla).

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    Re: "must have programs"

    8) Xchat 8)
    8) Gkrellm 8)
    8) XMMS 8)
    8) Konqurer 8)
    8) Mozilla 8)
    > Psi >
    8) Xine 8)
    8) Fozen Bubble 8)
    8) Chromium 8)

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