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    I have a box which I use to test some apps and as a result I gave over 40 apps on the single machine installed into different directories.Franlky I don't even remember their names.
    3 questions:
    1. Let's say now I want to uninstall all of them - how can I do that?
    2. Is there a way to keep track of installed apps? (rpm db is good but as I mentioned before I don't even remember the apps names) Another option would be to use source installs and install them using --prefix but it is rather unconvinient.
    3. If app doesn't have an uninstall procedure then how can I uninstall it?

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    Re: Uninstall

    1. you can uninstall them via rpm, if you compiled it from source its not so easy because you have to keep the makefiles and then you can do a make uninstall to remove the app

    2. try checkinstall it automatically creates rpm or other packages of compiled sources and you are able now to back them up or uninstall them

    3. you could try to get the sources and track down what files got installed

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    Re: Uninstall

    First thing you mentioned is not really relevant - I cannot uninstall them if I don't remember their names.

    I think it must be added to the wich list for RH - I feel pretty weird not being able uninstall my apps.

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    Re: Uninstall

    hmm .. i think your very lost if you dont remember the names of the things you have installed .. if you installed them via rpm go to /var/log/ somewhere i think is a list of the packages installed
    else you could try /usr/ and /usr/local most programs have their default install dirs there

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    Re: Uninstall

    Do you have some GUI package manager on there? Mine shows every RPM installed and what they included.

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    Re: Uninstall

    rpm -qa will show you all the packages.

    rpm -qa | sort gives you a better view.

    Graphical package tools will help as well, but I tend to do most of my work on the console.

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    Re: Uninstall

    Also, to uninstall, (you can uninstall EVERY rpm) rpm -e <packagename>

    you can get the package name from rpm -qa, as stated above.

    Honestly, if you are on a RPM based system, you really should man rpm or info rpm, or atleast rpm --help


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