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Thread: earthlink dialup issue

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    earthlink dialup issue

    hello all,

    i am new to linux and am having a difficult time trying to get connected to the internet. maybe someone here could offer me some help.

    first off, i am running redhat 7.2. i am using an external 3com officeconnect 56k business modem. the modem is recognized by redhat. i configured my account in kppp. i added the dns servers and filled all of the other info out correctly. when i try to dial in through kppp, the system will say "checking for modem" and then will give me an "ok" and then it will say "setting modem volume" and it will just sit there. after 60 seconds (what i have my timeout set for) it will restart the entire process. i have upped the timeout value to see what would happen but it still does the same thing.

    i have used the following command

    echo ATDT (my isp's phone number) >/dev/modem (or /dev/ttyS1)

    and it will dial up and attempt to connect to my isp. so i believe *it is not a matter of the modem not working. i use earthlink as an isp.

    any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.

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    Re: earthlink dialup issue

    welcome to linux and LinuxJunior!
    okay - you may wish to try to use rp3 to connect instead, it has worked very good for me. 1st run rp3-config - this will ask you about your modem, account, etc... then use rp3 to connect.

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    Re: earthlink dialup issue

    Try changing the volume level in the KPPP config to it's lowest leve.

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    Re: earthlink dialup issue

    Or edit the connection details in the kppp control, it will try to volume the modem, with some AT 0m commands, they are located at the two bottom lines in the commands section (where you'll find the ATDT +++AT etc commands) just remove them, they screwed things up on my Eicon diva modem, so I just removed them, now everything works dandy.. Could be the same with your settings..

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