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Thread: Question about iptables..

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    Question about iptables..

    once iptables are up & running, do they automatically generate a log file somewhere? If so where? If not, how do you tell it start logging?
    I'm running RH7.2.

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    Re: Question about iptables..

    Well it depends on what your rules are. If you tell it to log, it will. Otherwise it won't. Run "iptables -L" to see if there are any rules with target LOG. If not, you may want to insert some logging rules just before the rules to accept or deny certain packets.

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    Re: Question about iptables..

    Try looking in /var/log/messages

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    Re: Question about iptables..

    i used firestarter for setting up iptables. most sweet.
    do a google search and it should pop right up.

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