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Thread: Debian and X

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    Debian and X

    I did an install of Debian booting from floppy and there's no Xfree86 config tools anywhere, X -version doesn't work either.

    I installed from CD, told it to boot from floppy, did an apt-get dist upgrade and am currently running 2.2.19 for a kernel and apt tells me that Xfree86 is the newest version.

    I tried to uninstall X using apt-get remove which told me that directory after directory wasn't empty so it (dirs?) couldn't be removed and tried to reinstall X, it didn't come up with the configuration screen at that time either.

    What and where did I go wrong doing and how can ASCI fixee fixee makee makee all better?

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    Re: Debian and X

    I'm kinda in the same boat. I tried upgrading to "testing" and everything went great, except when I went to startx, I got a ton of errors that basically said about 1/2 the x installation was missing. I've tried apt-get and D/l'ed all the available X install files in "testing' with no luck. Everything says it's installed and configured, but no X. I am, however learning a lot more than I ever wanted to know about the command line.
    If there's anyone out there with any ideas for a couple of "Debian-bit" idiots, we'll both be eternally greatful.

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    Re: Debian and X

    Arrite, I've got something that might help ya. Try: apt-get upgrade, I did this about 30 min ago and got to the point where Debian detects X (yay!).

    Now my problem is when I type X or wmaker it tells me No screens found and a problem with the display.

    I ran X -configure which detected all of my hardware from what I could tell and tried the above, rebooted, tried, etc.

    going to try something, will post later if it works.

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    Re: Debian and X

    i have very good luck with xf86config.

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    Re: Debian and X

    xf86config doesn't work for me for some strange reason. :/ Currently I get the error Could not open default font 'fixed' when I type X.

    I get Could not open display when I type wmaker.

    Not too great but it's better than my previous error which was easy enough to fix by copying the file to /etc/X11 and renameing it to XF86Config-4. ;D


    I fixed the font problem, apt-get install xfonts-base. Now gotta get the USB mouse working and I should be good to go. Anything special I need to do to get a USB mouse working either in X or in the kernel?

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    Re: Debian and X

    I like XF86Setup a lot... Try it.....

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    Re: Debian and X

    I've encountered that error so many times yet every single time I forget how I fix it immediately. Check to make sure that X is linked to one of the servers. I wish I could tell you how but I think in FreeBSD it's in a different location. If it helps, here's it's "/usr/X11R6/bin/X -> XF86_SVGA". If that doesn't work, try dpkg-reconfigure xfree86-common. That sometimes worked for me.

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    Re: Debian and X

    XF86setup/config both didn't work. :

    Still working on getting the USB mouse working, also working on getting a windowmanager up and running as well.

    I can certainly say that I've learned more about my computer in the past 42 hours or so tho. ;D

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    Re: Debian and X

    Yah, As I said, I'm gettin' real familiar with the command line. I'm gonna futz around with X a little more, but I've made up a "Woody" boot disk, so if this doesn't work, I'm going for an FTP install- oughta be real fun on a 56k hookup.
    Thanks for the feedback.

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    Re: Debian and X


    Somehow got X and WindowMaker working, not well but I have a GUI now. Just gotta get the USB mouse working, help would be greatly appriciated.

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